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Help when you need it most.

We’re dedicated to your story, not our own. Read below for a list of our services.

When we say Your Story, We mean it…

At Aging Gracefully, our services are personalized for YOUR needs.
As we age, we have the tendency to not want to talk about getting older, instead of being intentional we start putting out fires. What sets Aging Gracefully apart from other services providers is that we sit down with you before you have a crisis and create an individualized plan of care to help you write your story as you wish.  

Do you need an advocate like Aging Gracefully?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have an updated and accurate list of all medications and doctors/specialists?
  • Do you have an advocate for doctors/specialists appointments?
  • Who is involved in the current caregiving situation? Is there a support system in place?
  • Do you find it difficult to understand what services are available and how they are funded?
  • Is the current living situation working and are you aware of the vast array of options available?
  • What daily activities are difficult or require support?
  • Who manages the day to day finances?  What things are in disarray?
  • Do you have a power of attorney in place? When was the last time your legal documents were reviewed?

If any of your responses to these questions left you feeling overwhelmed and thinking an advocate would bring peace of mind, please take a moment to complete the contact form below. One of our care managers will call you to schedule a free meet-and-greet.

Our Services 

Our services are personalized for YOUR peace of mind.
Never be alone again when it comes to caring for yourself or your loved ones.

We have customizable packages that combine services to ensure your loved one will receive the best, comprehensive and individualized care. These packages can be tailored to fit your exact needs and modified as circumstances change.

Aging Gracefully St. Louis

  • Personalized Health story- Highly detailed binders containing all of your important health information to share with your family and medical teams both virtually and in hard copy.

  • Conduct care-planning assessments to identify needs, problems and eligibility for assistance

  • Screen, arrange, and monitor in-home help and other services;

  • Review medical issues

  • Offer referrals to specialists to avoid future problems and conserve assets

  • Provide crisis intervention

  • Attend medical appointments and advocate for the client

  • Work with all the provider team to assure continuity of care

  • Encourage socialization and visit with the client to ensure their psychosocial needs are being met

  • Act as a liaison to families at a distance either geographically or relationally

  • Ensure things are going well and alert families of problems

  • Assist with moving/relocating clients to or from home, a rehabilitation facility, assisted living or nursing home

  • Provide client and family education and advocacy

Some examples of our services might include, but are not limited to:

Why Naturopathy

If you feel having an advocate like Aging Gracefully would bring peace of mind, please take a moment to complete the contact form below. One of our care managers will call you to schedule a free meet-and-greet.

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