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  • Melanie Maynor

Aging Gracefully REMAINS here for you

By now your posts, feeds, emails, texts and other forms of communication have blown up with information about COVID-19. We believe EVERYONE has experienced loss, grief, isolation, change and anxiety as we continue to navigate this unprecedented health crisis. As care managers to the aging population we are especially sensitive and concerned for the clients and families we serve. WE REMAIN HERE FOR YOU!

In addition to assisting with medical management, resource allocation, advocacy and monitoring we can also provide virtual caregiver coaching, activity plans and more.

Call us at (314) 827-6654 or email

Here's the legalese: Please know that pursuant to the Shelter in Place Order for St. Louis County, Aging Gracefully is an "Essential Business" which performs "Essential Products and Services" and is further classified as performing "Healthcare Operations". In addition, Aging Gracefully employees are engaged in performing "Essential Activities" including "Essential Travel".


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