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  • Melanie Maynor

Caring for Loved Ones from A-Far

Now more than ever we find ourselves looking for ways to stay connected and care for our aging family members. Certainly technology has risen to the occasion in the past few weeks as FaceTime and Zoom connect millions of people 24/7. But having "boots on the ground" where our aging loved ones resides can provide an extra layer of comfort. Aging Gracefully has a team of aging life care managers that "help create a care plan and monitor your parent's care." We are equipped to enter your story regardless of the chapter you are in. If you find yourself needing help in the midst of this pandemic, we can help. If you're starting to research care options in advance, we can help. If you need someone local to be "boots on the ground" and deliver supplies to your loved ones residence, we can help. If you just need an ear,an advocate, a seasoned expert, we can help. Call us at (314) 827-6654 or email at


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