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  • Melanie Maynor

Riding Out the Quarantine

These fun twins have found "...just being able to scream and sing and holler is good for the soul" as they ride out the quarantine together. Each weekday, at their senior complex more than 100 residents head out to their balconies to join employees in the courtyard below in singalongs, exercises, cheers, sign-waving and general noise-making to let off steam, soak up some sunshine and get a bit of exercise.

As the length of the shelter in place grows, so do concerns of anxiety and loneliness for seniors. The article states: "A contributing factor to seniors’ anxiety right now, Jeste said, is the information is constantly changing on how COVID-19 is transmitted, its symptoms and the potential length of the outbreak. Usually, seniors can spend time with their loved ones for information, reassurance and comfort, but that lifeline has been cut."

"To avoid loneliness, Jeste recommends seniors stay in touch regularly with their children, grandchildren and friends to share positive news and stories of hardships they’ve overcome in the past. He also recommends daily exercise, reading books and watching movies they love rather than binge-watching the news. And he encourages seniors to practice empathy and compassion for others because it enhances well-being for both the giver and the receiver."

“There’s this sense that older people are vulnerable, sick and needy, but that’s not true. They are strong mentally. They have so many strengths they hardly realize,” Jeste said.


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