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  • Melanie Maynor

"So, what do you do for a living?"

How often are you at a social or networking event and asked "what do you do?" If you live in St. Louis, perhaps you are asked about your high school before your profession! (Psst, most of our staff did not go to high school in StL).

In these situations a one liner or as few words as possible to convey what exactly it is we do feels necessary. We know the look in someones eye when you loose them with lots of words! (Hold on please, I need to get a dry erase board for notes to understand you).

Well this isn't 3 words, but they are THE words that explain Aging Gracefully, along with a helpful article that clearly communicates not only what we do but a common situation we enter into to with spouses as they navigate the aging journey together:The Aging Life Care Expert (THAT'S US) is usually a Master’s level prepared professional, credentialed and certified with a background in social work, counseling, psychology, gerontology, nursing or related fields (WE ARE). They will assess the current situation, project what you might need in the future and connect you to vetted professionals in the fields of law, medicine, socialization, spirituality, stress reduction and financial planning. (WE DO)!We are also more than happy to sit down, with or without a dry erase board, and discuss ways we can help you or your -loved one write their story as they wish.

Call us at (314) 827-6654 or email at

Click here for a helpful resource that explains a bit more about the role of a care manager.


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